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We are proud to announce about our Foreign Principles, those are listed below.

  • Global Industrial Solutions (China & USA)
  • TATRA & PRAGA V3S (AGROAD Czech Republic)
  • CADEX Electronics Inc (Canada)
  • NEWCON International (Canada)
  • MILPOWER Limited (UK)
  • PTC Power Inc, (USA)
  • MAG Manufacturing (TURKEY)
  • Auriga Group of Companies (Lahore)
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We have vast experience in the field of Import & Export. Find below a few list of Import Items, we mainly deals with.

  • Rechargable Cells like NICD (Nickel Cadmium), NIMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), Li-Ion (Lithium Ion)
  • Armaments Spares, Howitzer Parts (40MM, 105MM, 155MM Howitzer M114, M198, M1A1, M109, 8 Inch Howitzer, 203MM Howitzer & US Made Tanks & M Series Vehicles), APC Spare Parts (M113 A1/A2/P).
  • Textile Apparatus
  • Battery Analyzer & Different Test Equipments.
  • NVD's Night Vision Devices (New & Old Spare Parts)
  • IIT (Image Intensifier Tubes).
  • PCB's (Printed Circuit Boards) Repairing, Designing & Fabrications of New PCB's.
  • Military Components, Radio Set Spares PRC-77, H-189, PRC-786, VRC-4600 / 4620 etc.
  • Obturators Pads & Split Rings of Armaments Guns.
  • APC M-113 Spares, TATRA Spares, PRAGA V3S Spares
  • Electronics Testing Equipments
  • Calibration Labs
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Systems of All Types Local & Imported Vehicle.
  • Capacity Building Equipment's

In the field of Export we provide quality products with complete technical literature & support.

  • Rice (Different qualitites like double polish, Kernal, Super Kernal, Basmati etc.)
  • Garments (Trousers, Shirts, Pents, Towels, Gloves etc.)
  • Military Gloves, Jackets Etc.
  • Agri Cultural Seeds & Pestisides, Hybrid Seeds of Every Crop.
  • Lead Acid Batteries like EXIDE, VOLTA, OSAKA etc.

For any further enquiry please feel free to contact : info@wwinternational.org, umeriqbal@msn.com

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