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We are proud to announce about our Foreign Principles, those are listed below.

  • Global Industrial Solutions (China & USA)
  • TATRA & PRAGA V3S (AGROAD Czech Republic)
  • CADEX Electronics Inc (Canada)
  • NEWCON International (Canada)
  • MILPOWER Limited (UK)
  • PTC Power Inc, (USA)
  • MAG Manufacturing (TURKEY)
  • Auriga Group of Companies (Lahore)
Student Admission & Consultancy

Warraich & Warraich International  was founded by Umer Iqbal Warraich (Chief Executive) couple a years ago, he have walked every mile till date with confidence, sincerity and professionalism. He leads a team of highly qualified, dedicated and devoted professionals having great skills in the field of immigration, overseas education and travelling. Warraich & Warraich International achieves to give the best possible service to their clients with our dedicated staff and professionally managed operations, we are in a position to fulfill the requirements of all types of your immigration consultancy and travelling needs.

We are providing services as advisors, consultants & promoter in the field of education, immigration and human resource & to provide legal consultation regarding the cases concerned with immigration, appeal, admission & visas as well as fulfilling the travel needs of people locally and abroad.

Selecting Warraich & Warraich International as your advisor for UK and/or other countries provides you peace of mind and number of benefits which includes but not limited to the following. Warraich & Warraich International has all the required expertise in ensuring best possible success for our clients. We specialized in Student, Student Visitor, Family Visitor, Visitor, HSMP, Migration to UK and other countries and Appeal Expert too. Warraich & Warraich International works as a true advisor in identifying best possible option for migration after understanding your background situation and future plans. We also take in to consideration job opportunities, income potential, cost of leaving, and various other economic, cultural and social factors.

Migration laws are some of the most confusing, complicated and also constantly changing. Warraich & Warraich International enjoys very close working relationship with the Solicitors / Barristers in order to fully understand the complications and changes in the migrating laws and timely advise and guide our clients in right direction. This allows us to structure for clients applications to satisfy the migration law as well as government policies and procedures in relation to the migration rules.

Warraich & Warraich International writes a profile in a post professional manner to accompany your application. This profile will convince the migration authority that you have satisfied the requirement of the migration law.

Warraich & Warraich International ensures speedy visas by ensuring that all the forms and documentations are completed correctly. We ensure that all required documents and supporting material are provided. Also we ensure a most professional profile written for each of our clients for faster assessment. Warraich & Warraich International will prepare you for any immigration interview. We have noticed a number of visa refusals due to the fact that statements made in the interviews that are inconsistent with the regulations and information included in the application.

Warraich & Warraich International works very closely with the clients at each stage and assistant them in right direction to ensure that each stage of the entire process is completed satisfactorily.

Dealing with one of the most reputed consulting provides peace of mind and great probability of success.

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