our services

Procurement / Indenting Services

In procurement services, timely delivery of contracted item / services, as per the requisite specifications and defined / allocated budget is of utmost significance. The services provided by us take into consideration the wholesome aspects ranging from preparation of contracts and procurement strategies in consultation with all the stake holders.

Project Management

Notwithstanding, the quantity of the contracts while concluding and subsequently if not monitored is bound to yield implications. Our company offers following (but not limited to) services to the utmost satisfaction of all the stakeholders:-

  • Execution planning and processes.
  • Contract Management and Administration.
  • Risk Analysis and mitigation.
  • Resource Management.
  • Project Teams Co-ordination.
  • Cost Management.
  • Change Control Management.
  • Quality Control & Assurances.
  • Closure of the Project.


Consultancies, to include, plant maintenance, facilities management, operation support, performance improvement, operation readiness, installation and commissioning are rendered to owners, thus resulting into an overall reduction in operational costs and thus ensuring productivity.

After Sales Support Solutions

W & W has the expertise to assist the customers in correct use of the products, and to advice for ensuring high level of customer satisfaction, resulting in building strong relationship with customers and securing long time business.

Industrial Engineering Solutions

Optimisation of complex processes, systematically and adopting best engineering practices is a haul-mark for sustainable growth. W & W has the expertise to combine the technical skills with business acumen, by customizing the processes.

Designing of Multidimensional Logistic Setup / Installations

The significance of “Logistics” or “Supply Chain Management”, needs to emphasis and thus stands at a critical point for the functioning of a particular institution / outfit.Designing of a particular activity involving various stake holders, there by ensuring utmost functionality, and satisfaction of the client, under a particular set of environments, is the speciality of W & W.

Structural Solutions.

W & W has attained an expertise in the field of offering structural solutions related to poles and modular structures to its client.

I.T Solutions.

W & W has the capability and capacity to provide customizes solutions to the clients. W & W has well reputed principles relating to the field of Information Technology as its partners.


  • W & W has the capability to provide scientific solutions related to various electronic parts, to include cards & batteries.
  • W & W has worked on “Critical” and “Hard To Come By” products, in order to render compatible solutions to its clients in both Public & Private Sectors.
  • Risk Analysis and mitigation.
  • The company has good working experience and “Know How” related to various intricate / complex procedural dictates of Public & Private Sectors.